David Schwartz the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple (XRP) to speak at Forbes Blockchain 50 Symposium

Ripple leaders are creating Ripple Effect in the world of blockchain technology.  We are already at a time where we are to revolutionize the blockchain technology to come up as the industry’s leaders.

Forbes Crypto tweeted:  “Blockchain builders, ever wonder what are the best practices of building with @Hyperledger, @axoni and @Ripple? RSVP below and ask the 3 people who know better than anyone.”

The 2020 Forbes Blockchain 50 Symposium is scheduled from September 22, 2020 from 2:00 through 3:30 p.m. ET as a virtual event.

Forbes has to state that there can never be a more exciting time to be involved in the blockchain universe and also stated that they want to celebrate it.  They have requested those who are interested to join them as they honor the newest members of the 2020 Forbes Blockchain 50 list, to discuss with key industry leaders about profitable strategies to moving forward in the new decade.

This virtual gathering is also set to feature robust conversations with key infrastructure players and they are set to breakdown the latest in live blockchain applications and lot more.

David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple is listed as one of the speakers.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I think it is good about Ripple (XRP) Taking the Broad Challenge Pledge.  A good effort to be more inclusive. Good to recognized skill from all colors.”

Ripple (XRP) Takes the Broad Challenge Pledge

For those who do not know The Board Challenge, they challenge all U.S. corporate boards of directors to add at least one Black director within a year. It’s time to accelerate the pace of change.

The Board Challenge expressed, “Black leaders are significantly under-represented in America’s public and private boardrooms. It’s time for change.”

In response to the Board Challenge Brad Garlinghouse tweeted:  We’ve all seen the stats – companies with diverse leaders and board members are stronger, more strategic and equitable for their work forces. Today’s pledge for Board Challenge is one step of many Ripple and I are committed to pursuing to prioritize D&I.

Ripple have expressed, “We took #TheBoardChallenge pledge to add a Black director to Ripple’s board in the next 12 months.”

When all of these are happening Ripple are still waiting to see policymakers do their part in helping the smooth flow of digital assets based transactions by providing for regulatory clarity.