IBM Scores Patent on Proposed Blockchain Consensus for Transactions in Multiplayer Games

Tech giant IBM has been granted a patent on a blockchain-based consensus model envisioned for use in handling transactions within multiplayer games with a large user base. 

The U.S. patent, titled “Gaming consensus protocol for blockchain,” was awarded last week and proposes the model of electing a subset of any game’s users to verify transactions, and then from within that subset choosing a leader to generate a block and broadcast it to the blockchain network. 

  • “Wherein the gaming peers that validate the block attach their own signature to the block,” reads the patent, noting that because the process of securing and verifying the transactions is also a service, users that contribute to it could also be awarded a fee in return.
  • The patent outlines a system that could be implemented in multiplayer games with a large user base, such as Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone, which involve a wide range of small transactions. 
  • While the patent proposes users participate in consensus for ordering transactions, it also notes that execution of smart contracts remains within the blockchain network and can only be transferred if users have sufficient computing power. 

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