If China bans Australian coal it will have a ‘ripple effect through the country’

Sky News host Paul Murray says if Australian coal is about to be banned going to China, it is going to have “one ripple effect going through our country”.

“According to industry websites and industry publications, Australia is about to face a major economic shock from China… because we wanted to hold them to account for a virus that got out of control, that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people and has locked down countries all around the world,” Mr Murray said.

“That is, China is apparently going to use custom rules, just as they did with barley, just as they did with other projects, to pretend there is some sort of customs problem with Australian coal and therefore, ‘don’t use it’.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday said he sought to “condition how people look at those reports” regarding China allegedly banning Australian coal.

“I can only assume, based on our relationship and based on the discussions we have with the Chinese government, that that is just part of the normal process,” Mr Morrison said.

“China has not got on top of a virus that was exported around the world,” Mr Murray said.

“They had international flights that had the virus going to every point on the planet, while they knew it was so dangerous, they blocked them being able to go to Beijing.

“God forbid you stand up to them, if you do, well, look what’s about to happen.”