Jason Polevoi on his documentary ‘A Tiny Ripple of Hope’

Jason Polevoi, Documentary Filmmaker

Jason has a feature documentary that is close to completionthat follows a year in the life of Jahmal Cole and some of the students in his program My Block, My Hood, My City. If you’re not familiar with Jahmal he’s been covered extensively for his response to COVID-19, the BLM protests, and most recently the tornado that ravaged the northside.

Jahmal Cole, Chicago activist and founder of My Block, My Hood, My City is a gifted orator and nonprofit leader, emanating confidence when he speaks about his efforts to bring hope to teenagers across Chicago’s blighted South and West Sides. Behind the scenes, however, Jahmal is fighting to keep his organization afloat, a roof over his family’s head, and himself out of harm’s way. A TINY RIPPLE OF HOPE follows Jahmal Cole as he struggles to understand what he has to lose so the people around him can succeed.

A Tiny Ripple of Hope

Synopsis: Jahmal Cole is the confident and charismatic leader of the nonprofit My Block, My Hood, My City- an organization that brings hope and opportunity to teenagers across Chicago’s segregated South and West Sides. Behind the scenes though, Jahmal is in for the fight of his life as he battles to keep his home out of foreclosure, his marriage alive, and himself out of harm’s way. A TINY RIPPLE OF HOPE follows a formative year for Jahmal as he struggles with everything he must sacrifice so that the people and city he loves can prosper.