Sales tax, municipal seats on Nov. ballot


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Nearly 1,000 Yadkin County voters have already cast their ballot for the upcoming election which includes several municipal races as well as regional, state and national races. Yadkin County Board of Elections Director Elaine Barnes said Monday that 2,421 absentee ballots have been requested so far and voters still have until Oct. 27 to request an absentee ballot. As of Monday, 993 Yadkin voters had already returned their ballots.

Sales tax referendum on ballot

A Yadkin County Sales Tax Referendum is on this year’s ballot for a quarter-cent increase to sales tax which would bring the total sales tax rate to .07 cents. The County Commissioners approved a resolution in August to add the referendum to the November ballot.

A press release issued by Yadkin County said the proposed sales tax increase referendum is the “sales and use tax, known as the Article 46 Sales and Use Tax, which would help the County continue to provide public safety to all citizens during a time of uncertainty. The proceeds would generate approximately $580,000 per year and would be used for the Sheriff’s Office, Fire Departments and Rescue Squad, and to set aside funds for future capital needs of the Yadkin County Public Schools. The Sheriff’s Office will receive 40% of the proceeds, another 40% would be shared between the 10 volunteer fire departments and the Rescue Squad and the remaining 20% set aside for the School System.”

“It is the goal of the County Commissioners to retain dedicated and highly qualified law enforcement officers, detention officers and tele-communicators within the Sheriff’s Office. This is a challenging time to be in law enforcement when there have been so many movements to defund the police. We need law enforcement officers to be there and ready to respond when the tele-communicators dispatch them to come to our need. The portion the Sheriff’s Office receives would allow deserved pay increases for those who always come to work and do a job that so many are unwilling to do. It would also fund two new deputy positions that would be assigned to the night shift when there are typically fewer sworn officers on duty throughout the entire county,” stated the press release from the county.

County seats on ballot

Yadkin County Commissioners Marion Welborn, Kevin Austin and David Moxley are up for reelection, running unopposed. Incumbent Van Hemric filed for reelection as Yadkin County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.

East Bend, Jonesville candidates running unopposed

East Bend’s mayor Archie Hicks is running unopposed for reelection. Three seats are open for election on the East Bend Town Board. Commissioners Neal Nichols and Larry Adams have filed for reelection as well as Eddie Venable.

Jonesville also has three town council seats up for grabs, those are now held by Wayne Moore, Tracy Wall and Regina Adkins. Adkins and Wall filed for reelection, joined by newcomer Michael Tilley.

Boonville candidates comment on run

For the town of Boonville there are four town commissioner seats up for reelection, including one unexpired seat with term ending in 2022. The three positions slated to end in 2020 are currently held by Monica Craver, Tony Reece and William Paul Baity. The unexpired term is currently held by Richard Lasky. Baity, Craver and Lasky have filed for reelection as well as newcomers Dwain Dobbins and David Cox. Filing for the unexpired term currently held by Lasky are newcomers Kevin Haynes and Tim Driver.

“In the past year, we have seen an increase in our water bills by 5% and projected to increase another 15% in the near future. This is unacceptable to the tax payers of our community and even more so for our senior citizens in the community. If elected, I will make it a priority to not only reverse these stifling taxes, but will go even further by doing all I can to give the seniors citizens a special tax break on their water and sewer bill. Money is being wasted and not saved. The town of Boonville spent roughly $14,000 on painting our water tower when it could have been done for around $2,000. This is wasteful spending, especially during a time of a global pandemic,” said Kevin Haynes, who has filed for the unexpired seat on the Boonville Town Board.

“As a Boonville Town Commissioner, I am committed to Boonville’s mission of providing the highest level of public service while preserving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of life in the community. It is of utmost importance as a Town Commissioner to consider the needs of everyone. I have learned a great deal during my first two years and would like to complete the full four-year term. Boonville faces several challenges foremost of which is the loss of revenue due to the departure of a large manufacturing company (Parkdale). Continuing the current efforts to upgrade the town’s aging infrastructure and focusing on economic development are two of the top priorities that will best serve the taxpayers of Boonville,” said Lasky who was appointed to fill the unexpired seat in March of 2019.

“Being a first time filer, my decision to run for town commissioner was made due to numerous citizens asking me to continue the work that I had started, since being appointed to fill an unexpired term. Bringing the park out of extinction is a project I want to finish. I have worked vigorously with these CARES Act funds to provide Boonville with the best services and equipment possible, to serve our citizens,” said Craver, who was also appointed to serve on the board in March of last year.

“My wife and I bought a house and moved to Boonville in 1993. We chose this town because of what it had to offer a young family. A beautiful cottage community that has an elementary school within the town limits, at least three churches, and recreation for the kids. We have raised four wonderful children here. If it takes a community to raise the child then Boonville should be proud. We always taught our children to give back. They volunteer at church and for local charities. Now I feel it is time for me to give back. I want to help foster the kind of town that has been so good to my family. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you, Boonville for all that you have given over the years,” said first-time filer David Cox.

Candidates William Paul Baity, Dwain Dobbins and Tim Driver did not respond to the request for comment as of press time.

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