Soho Waterworks’ Partnership with Clear Alaskan Glacial Leads to Innovation in Bottled Water Industry

Alaskan Glacier Products (AGP), bottler of Clear Alaskan Glacial, tapped Soho Waterworks’ platform as the company’s first customer.  Clear Alaskan Glacial is the only bottled water in the United States whose source is an above ground glacier.  The product is benefiting from Soho Waterworks’ turn-key sales and marketing solutions including social media, public relations and in-store promotions. Soho Waterworks’ integrated marketing communications is helping Clear Alaskan Glacial reach more customers. 

“Soho Waterworks has helped us achieve a national footprint,” said Sara Randall, brand marketing consultant to Alaska Glacier Products. “As a regional bottler of premium water, we just don’t have the resources to reach all the markets in the United States. Soho’s cohesive distribution services give us power to break into more markets with sales and promotion we simply couldn’t afford on our own.”

Sourced from Alaska’s Eklutna Lake, Clear Alaskan Glacial water is characterized by exceptional taste and contains 110 milligrams of total dissolved solids (TDS) of 100mg/per liter, delivering a superb balance of minerals for performance and taste.  The product is also naturally alkaline, with an average of approximately 7.8 on the pH scale.  Clear Alaskan Glacial is internationally acclaimed for its taste and has won numerous water quality awards.  In fact, it is the only water from the United States to have received a medal at the 2017 Gourmet Waters International Competition in Lyon, France. It also won the 2018 Silver Award for best taste from the Fine Water Society.

Soho Waterworks is building public awareness about the health benefits of naturally sourced waters, considered to be a game changer in the wellness movement. They also enhance food and drink.  Like fine wines, naturally sourced waters have their own unique profile and can be paired with foods to elevate any meal.  At the same time, these waters contain naturally occurring minerals that provide superior health benefits to consumers, which are lacking in commercial water.

“We are excited about our partnership with this one-of-a-kind fine water from the United States,” says Angela Cooper, founder and chief executive officer of Soho Waterworks. “As the first bottled water carried on our platform, our services will help increase awareness and sales of Clear Alaskan Glacial.  We couldn’t be more pleased to be marketing this premium water product to retailers nationwide.”

About Soho Waterworks

Soho Waterworks is a Water as a Service (WaaS) company, providing a one-of-a-kind marketing and distribution platform assisting regional brands to increase their retail footprint and market share. The company’s customized sales and marketing solutions allow bottlers of naturally sourced water to project a bigger image and reach more prospects through a tailored integrated marketing, communications, and sales services.  As a company aspiring to be a leader in fine water sales, distribution, and merchandising in North America, Soho Waterworks has set a goal to change the way consumers think about bottled water. Soho Waterworks is fully committed to transparency and sustainability in the sourcing, development, distribution, and marketing of bottled water. For more information about the company’s products and services, visit their website or call 1-800-432-0166.

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