To the Editor: | Yadkin Ripple

I am writing this letter in response to the letter that Dr. Richard Merlo wrote to The Yadkin Ripple which appeared in their March 25, 2021 issue.

He complained about Biden sending $1,400 dollar checks to prisoners. I totally disagree with this. I think it is one of the best decisions Biden has made since he became President. These prisoners’ families will benefit from this and will prevent some children from going to bed hungry. I’m sure Dr. Merlo has never gone to bed hungry since he probably falls in the category of the two percent wealthiest Americans that got 83% of Trump’s tax cut.

My favorite charity is Prison Fellowship and they make sure the prisoners’ children get something on their birthday and Christmas and other special events from their parents. I have been sending donations to them for years and will continue.

By the way, Dr. Merlo you didn’t mention that the Trump administration sent $1,200 dollar stimulus checks to thousands of dead people in April 2020 which cost several billion dollars.

Jerrell G. Gough